To be your Global Partner, delivering World’s Best Service, locally

Everyone in the KINDUZ team has a different mission that they want to achieve.

For example,

  • Haarika wants continuous learning and Sameer wants to help organizations to succeed
  • Pavan wants to create value for stakeholders through entrepreneurial spirit
  • Rana wants to dirty his hands to deliver strategic value
  • Ravi looks forward to a steep learning and delivery curve
  • Shilpa wants to nurture people to deliver more

When defining the mission of KINDUZ, we asked a fundamental question: Can KINDUZ mission align to the mission of each of its team member?

Our experience of the industry said that’s not how organizations work. Organizations predefine a vision and mission and the rest of the organization should align to it. However, our belief said that the organization is because we are. Yes, you are right. We questioned a fundamental assumption of organizational philosophy. The answer, contrary to our experience, was found in the debates and discussions over numerous cups of coffee over an entire day (Yes, we missed lunch. Thankfully, no one noticed it then).

We realized that our individual mission was a camouflaged version of our dreams. We removed the layers of perceptions and worldly experience from our dreams and laid out the most native version in front of us. We merged the bare dreams, the KINDUZ purpose and our intention to make each of the team member’s mission a reality, together. The outcome was the KINDUZ mission statement:

The KINDUZ mission was not a statement. It was a breathing, live version of our dreams.

Let us understand what dreams do each of the words reflect:

Global and Local
  • Deliver services in all the 190+ countries, while building on the cultural diversity by engaging with employees and partners locally
  • Standardized global frameworks that enable customization locally

We want inclusiveness, in growth and in outcomes. We want to be a team that is formed in your proximity and that adds value by leveraging our global frameworks

  • We do not sell. We create the right ‘Solutions’ for you
  • We love to put our skin into the game where our success is linked to your success
  • We partner with Customers and all their Stakeholders, and build their success stories
  • We nurture long term trust-based relationships
  • We become a close Confidante and Strategic Advisor to our Customers on what is right for them, especially during times of crisis

We are Partners. We are not consultants, we are not vendors, we are not suppliers. We are Partners. This philosophy has sometimes prevented us from adding value to customers who did not see us as Partners. And we are ok with that. Only when we become a partner, we can deliver the outcomes as described next

Delivering (what the customer gets):
  • Design for disengagement by developing internal capabilities (A systemic approach to build People and organizational capabilities)
  • Deliver Strategic impact at all levels of the organization, while maintaining a hands-on approach on the ground
  • Deliver Sustainable Business outcomes (unmatched ROI), Societal outcomes (example: HSSE) and Customer outcomes

We deliver [Full stop] These two words define us to the core. We only go ahead with a probable relationship if we see outcomes for you (as our client, as our partner and as our team member)

World’s best service (How KINDUZ delivers)
  • World’s best proprietary tools, techniques and frameworks (globally shared across KINDUZ) with relevant IP usage rights to Customers
  • Custom pricing based on local cost
  • Seamless integration of partners, and seamless positioning to customers of KINDUZ

Trends in our industry and society are a lagging indicator of our fundamentals (the leading indicator). For example, our Facebook posts (a lagging indicator) reflect our willingness to communicate (a leading indicator). We focus on the fundamentals and create the world’s best by looking into ourselves and by asking fundamental questions (like we did when we defined the KINDUZ mission) about the basic assumptions.

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