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We all wish that our legacy continues (irrespective of how small or big it is). Legacy not only among our children but also among our community. The SEEDS we sow today, will define the fruits our children and humanity will reap into the future.

Our job is not done just by sowing the seed. A lot of depends on:

  • The variety of the seed sown
  • The quality of the seed sown
  • The nutrients of the soil in which the seed is sown
  • The environment in which it is sown
  • The depth at which the seed is sown
  • The amount of watering that is done
  • The ongoing nurturing given

Seeding requires a well thought through mindset and approach.

Seeding in an organization is no different. The leaders have to identify the right people to seed. They also need to decide the focus areas and the approach. Finally, leaders who want to leave a legacy need to decide the depth covered, among others.

Think of the giant redwood trees in California. Trees that are the tallest, most voluminous and 1000’s of years old. Trees that are still going strong and serving the humanity. Remember they all started with one small seed.

@ KINDUZ we enable CEO’s seed the right employees in the right way, so all stakeholders obtain sustain outcomes they desire.

Write to us at outcomes@kinduz.com to know more about the ‘Seed’ offering.

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