Leadership Augmentation

We are there to help you achieve your toughest
goals and solve your biggest problems.

What we focus on:

  • Leadership Roles – CEO, CFO, Strategy Head, CXOs, Chief Restructuring Officers, Chief Integration Officers
  • Leadership Immersion – Personalized sessions with Industry Leaders to guide and provide insights
  • Leadership Identification and Transition

We leverage our:

  • KINDUZ C-Suite Leadership Team
  • KINDUZ GeNeX Assessment Framework
  • KINDUZ AEIOU Change Management Framework

To Request for outcome specific white papers, case studies reach out to us at outcomes@kinduz.com

A company is as good as its Leaders.

They envision, inspire, deliver, grow and sustain. Finding a great Leader is always time, energy consuming and emotional.

Let us help you in your time of change. We work with you, as one of your own in short sprints, deliver the goods for you, transition it over to someone competent to grow and sustain it.

We use our proprietary GeNeX Framework to help you identify the right leader who is not just successful on paper but has the desired behavioural and functional qualities which align to the organizational needs and wants.

  • What we hear

    We need the leadership team to ensure that our strategic initiatives are successfully delivered, while the rest of the organization is addressing the Business as Usual.

    Learn how our KINDUZ C-Suite Leadership team is here to help coach your leadership in delivering Strategic Outcomes, and if required augment them.

  • What we hear

    We had hired an individual who had tremendous success in organization he / she had worked in the past. But with us, the results are not what we expected.

    KINDUZ, using our Proprietary GeNeX Framework and AEIOU Framework helps you not only identify qualified individuals, but the correct individual who brings in the alignment with the organizational goals, culture and values.

  • What we hear

    Our Leadership team lack a sense of purpose and self-awareness. They are unable to steer the organization during critical business challenges.

    Ojas our Proprietary Product for Leadership Transformation enables leaders to build clarity, purpose and vision for themselves and the organization. Click here to know more about Ojas and to book your session.

Outcomes we deliver at Process Manufacturing Industries

Outcomes we deliver at Discrete Manufacturing Industries

Outcomes we deliver in Service Industries

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