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There are not so good moments, when we hope to help our kids TURNAROUND their life for the better. Testing moments occur in everyone’s lives. At such moments we have two choices, to sit and give in, or to stand and take them on.

While a Turnaround needs agility, ownership, drive among others; none of these can be enforced, they have to be crafted.

While a Turnaround might seem haphazard, it can be enabled by Design.

A Turnaround approach in an organization is no different. Failing during a Turnaround is not an option.

Think of it like trying to save a dying tree. You have to focus on the most important parts. How you prioritize matters. The pace at which you move matters. There might not be another day to water the tree. What you must do, you must do quickly.

@ KINDUZ we make Turnarounds successful. We are confident on delivering outcomes for you; and we don’t stop there, we are more than happy to put our skin into the game.

Write to us at outcomes@kinduz.com to know more about the ‘Turnaround’ offering.

Our Intent

Enhance the world for the better

Create Universal Prosperity

Investor returns

Reliable customer

Employee and societal

Question the Status Quo

Alternate Pathways


Priority Focus Areas

Design for quick
wins and sustenance

Disciplines and


Deliver Exceptional Outcomes

Undesign everything not
required in 3 months

Deliver ROI from quick
wins in 5 months

6% of revenue delivered
as additional cash
in 12 months

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