Industry Research

Your Experience + Our Insights = Your Future

What we focus on:

  • Market Selection
  • Market Positioning
  • Competition Analysis
  • Location Identification
  • People Capability Analysis
  • Patent Research

KINDUZ Proprietary Frameworks we leverage:

  • KINDUZ Business Excellence Framework
  • KINDUZ QADES Strategic Thinking Framework
  • KINDUZ QIDES Strategic Thinking Framework

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Market Research is core to any business strategy.

Whether it is keeping up with the emerging trends or catering to the ever changing demands of the customer, market research centres your business on the customers.

We leverage advanced data and text analytics to understand and anticipate the emerging trends in your industry.

We give you insights on staying relevant and chic in this age of exponential change.

  • What we hear

    We need quick research inputs to enable quick decision making. We cannot always wait for months together.

    Timing is critical for decision making. KINDUZ structures itself to deliver effective insights, keeping in mind your urgency and criticality requirements.

  • What we hear

    They came in and delivered a lot of numbers, but we’re not sure how to enhance our strategy and convert them into actionable items.

    KINDUZ proprietary products have built accelerators that help integrate research insights quickly into your strategy. We do not just provide data, we help you analyse it and deliver actionable insights.

  • What we hear

    They conducted online surveys and give us some insights. Is there not an effective method of directly speaking to customers and providing insights basis what they speak?

    KINDUZ leverages its proprietary products to undertake advanced statistical and parametric tests using speech recognition and text analytics. This enables us to derive insights basis that customers speak vis-à-vis basis what customers click.

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