Assessments and Audits

A great independent Assessment and Audit requires someone with no bias, someone who can ask those tough questions, someone who see through things, to find the best for you!

What we focus on:

  • Business Excellence Assessments
  • Brand Awareness Assessments
  • Brand Equity Assessments
  • Financial Valuations
  • People Assessments
  • People Certifications
  • Change Readiness Assessments
  • Process Assessments
  • Community Assessments
  • Benchmarking
  • Zero Second Audit Readiness
  • Supplier Assessments and Audits

KINDUZ Proprietary Frameworks we leverage:

  • KINDUZ Business Excellence Framework

To Request for outcome specific white papers, case studies reach out to us at

There comes a time in all our lives when we need an independent perspective about where we stand, from someone we can trust.

An independent perspective so we can start a few journeys, stop a few journeys, enhance current journeys.

We at KINDUZ undertake Assessments and Audits so you can:

  • Craft a new future in your world
  • Enhance the current world of yours
  • Create a better eco-system for your business

We leverage our proprietary frameworks, combine them with industry-set standards and benchmarks to create a robust, holistic approach to assessments and audits.

At KINDUZ we believe in delivering the World Best Service, just for you!

  • What we hear

    The assessors did a fair job, but they sounded too bookish! We would appreciate someone who brings in executable knowledge and industry specific value adds.

    At KINDUZ, we believe the main ingredient for a great assessment, is the assessor himself/herself. Know more about the credentials of our team from around the world.

  • What we hear

    We need experts from our industry. Someone who understand our industry constraints, our issues, and potentially the opportunities therein.

    Learn what we have delivered in your Industry by clicking here.

  • What we hear

    A great audit requires a 360◦ perspective to the as-is. We have not found many who bring in this holistic yet deep perspective.

    KINDUZ invests over 10% of our revenue on Research and Development. We are known in the industry for Proprietary frameworks such as KBEF, QIDES, QADES, AEIOU, which we leverage in our assessments. To know more about our Products, click here.

We understand organizations are different, Contact Us to know how we can customize our Assessment and Audit Service for you.

Outcomes we deliver at Process Manufacturing Industries

Outcomes we deliver at Discrete Manufacturing Industries

Outcomes we deliver in Service Industries

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