Project Management Learnings from Mahabaratha and Ramayana

The epic stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata hold countless examples of exceptional Project Management.

On the festive occasion of Diwali, we thought of bringing to you some inspiring stories from these epics.

1. Choose Quality of Resources over Quantity of Resources: Pandava’s chose lord Krishna to fight with them in battle, while Kourava’s chose to take the huge army of Krishna to support them in battle. In spite of the support of the large army, Kourava’s lost the battle, proving that Project success is not dependent on the number of resources but on the quality of the resources.

2. Make your Partners Successful: Before Sugriva could help Rama in his fight against Ravana, Rama had to make Sugriva successful against Vali. This teaches us that our partners can only make us successful, when they are first successful themselves.

3. Importance of Right Intent: Even though Rama had no army of his own, he was able to garner a large army to fight Ravana because his vision and persona were considered righteous by the team behind him. This tells us the importance of “Right Intent” in the mind of the Project Manager.

4. Power of Delegation: Rama delegated all the tasks to his team members based on their capabilities and strengths.Each of his team members were successful in executing their delegated activity and helped each other whenever it wasrequired. This enabled Rama to remain focus on strategy in place of operational activities.

5. Constant Motivation: In spite of having intelligent and powerful leaders in the team, Rama had to take time on a continuous basis to give direction and motivation to the entire team. Without motivation, the best of the leaders can underperform.

6. Learn from the enemy: After defeating Ravana, Rama still showed respect towards Ravana and requested Ravana to share his knowledge with him. Ravana obliged and shared all his knowledge with Rama. In today’s world, we should respect and seek knowledge from our competitors. There are many ways we can even collaborate with our competitors.

The EPMA wishes all of you a very Happy Diwali!!!

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