Importance Of Stakeholder Communication Management

Stakeholder communication management plays critical role in project success. This week let us learn about its importance and steps to initiate the same.

Stakeholder Management includes the identification of the people, groups and other related organizations who are connected to the project and could be affected by the project.

Proactive Stakeholder Communication helps Project Managers to:

  • Measure and monitor stakeholder expectations and their impact on the project
  • Engage / involve stakeholders
  • Manage perceptions of stakeholders
  • Satisfy the needs and expectations of project stakeholders
  • And ensure project is completed successfully

Steps involved in the stakeholder communication management:

Communications planning: Determine the information and communications needs and wants of the stakeholders
Information distribution: Make needed information available to project stakeholders in a timely manner
Performance reporting: Collecting and disseminating performance information, including status reports, progress measurement, and forecasting

Below is a simple Communication Planning Template that Project Managers can use to plan the different kinds of communication to meet the requirements of all the stakeholders.

Stakeholder Name Level of Involvement Communication Mode Communication frequency Remarks

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