How To Enhance Your Project Management Career? Tip 5#

Strategic Project Managers should spend at least 30% of their time for strategic activities to define and drive the long term vision. This is important as it plays critical role in project success and in growing the business. However, most project managers are caught up in day to day operational activities and do not get the time to focus on strategic activities. In order to find time to focus on strategic areas, Project Managers need to delegate operational activities to the team. To delegate effectively, Project Managers should list down the activities which can be delegated. Against each one of them, he/she should decide on to whom which each activity can be delegated. A key point is to prepare oneself for rejection of delegated tasks by few associates. Few associates might not show interest in taking up certain activities.Enable the associates to deliver successfully through training’s, coaching and on-the-job mentoring. At regular intervals associates will need motivation and clear communication on the “What’s in it for them” by accepting these activities. Regularly monitor progress; applaud success and guide in conditions of failure. Remember failure is part and parcel of learning for everyone. Rotating tasks also helps team members learn a variety of Project Management Skill.
Delegation does not deliver success first time round. However, it helps you free your time over a period of time and bring up the next level of leaders in your team.

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