Design for Wants while Feeding the Needs



When mountaineers push themselves against their own limits to scale yet another mountain, yet another time, they do it with an end outcome in mind. This outcome is the achievements’ they want in this lifetime. This is the dream that doesn’t let them sleep at night. This dream could be as ambitious as scaling the Everest or as audacious as scaling all the seven highest peaks in the world in the shortest time, ever. Whatever the dream, it keeps the mountaineers driven, focussed and moving forward each step, irrespective of the hardships of the terrain.

Organizations operate in pretty much the same way. It is for the leadership to define and nurture the Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values and Goals of the Organization.

The Purpose defines the reason for existence of the organization. The purpose is constantly reinforced by the leadership and drives the existence of the organization into the next century and beyond. Organizations that have been able to translate their purpose into the wants and dreams of each individual team member, have created teams which will drive the organization forward irrespective of financial, political or physical constraints.

The Purpose of KINDUZ is Creating Universal Prosperity. This is what we want. We know we will never be able to claim that we have achieved it, as Universal Prosperity is a continuous journey of making positive impact to the lives of more individuals and organizations each day. But this is the purpose that drives us forward each single day.

As an organization, we want to deliver unmatched outcomes with a true intent to all our customers. Our DNA and values are all designed for enabling this want.



While Dreams enable the mountaineer to keep moving forward, dreams do not feed the hard reality of existence. In addition to wanting to climb the Everest, the mountaineer must focus on fulfilling his/her basic life needs including the right food, shelter and equipment. No matter how strong the want or how powerful the vision, the mountaineer will never be able to scale the mountain if he/she is not fit and equipped with the right gear.

It is the right balance between “Needs” and “Wants” that decides the success for an athlete, a professional, an organization or even a nation. Like individual needs, organizations primal needs focus on sustenance. These include:

Financial Needs:

  • Positive Cash Flows
  • Right Profitability
  • Sustained Revenues

People Needs:

  • Leaders of Tomorrow
  • Employee/Customer Satisfaction
  • Social Responsibility

Process Needs:

  • Quality
  • Safety and Security
  • Enviromental

Even though the purpose of an Organization might be purely non-commercial, it still needs to ensure the financial needs are met to ensure that kitchens of its team are running. It must ensure it is building leaders of tomorrow, focussing on quality of its deliverables, safety of its manpower and maintaining satisfaction amongst its stakeholders.



Given a right balance between wants and needs, a mountaineer should be able to succeed well on his/her purpose. However, this rarely happens. Despite the right balance, mountaineers often lose discipline and fall prey to addictions. It is easy to fall in this trap as addictions seem very much alike to wants. They are not the purpose for which we exist, but can make us believe just that.

Addictions are wants we consume without a conscious control. Unless we learn to manage our addictions, our wants will not have the chance to succeed. Organizations, big or small, tend to face similar challenges in controlling their addictions. Over doing on marketing, unrealistic dividends to shareholders or excessive stickiness to age old processes are some of the addictions that can rove detrimental to the true wants of the organization.

KINDUZ as an organization is focussed on maintaining the balance between the needs and wants, while eliminating the addictions. Before an organization can strive to create a balance between these, it must first identify these for itself. Attached to this article is a simple worksheet that can enable the thought process for you. If you need more insights into the same, feel free to contact us.

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