Beyond the Human! What is that?

“Many just survive, Some strive to achieve the Human, Few look forward to achieving Beyond the Human”

    • Humans have always been fascinated by the stars, the galaxies and what lies far beyond their eyes. Humans have also been fascinated by the science that has created these stars and galaxies, science that defines how they run and how they stop running. All this with a hope that someday we can leverage this science for the benefit of the mankind.

  • Human mind is gifted because it is inquisitive, inquisitive about the unknown, inquisitive because it wants to experiment, inquisitive because it wants to experience, inquisitive because it wants to create.
    Nothing stops the Human mind from thinking about how do we create a galaxy of our own? How do we create life forms of our own? How do we create an entire eco-system of our own?
  • Is it really possible? Definitely yes, it’s just that we do not know the science behind making it possible as yet. Are we on our way to understanding that science to make it possible? The answer is yes. How long will it take? No one knows for sure 

Is there another way, beyond just science?

“There is one place to find all your answers. It’s within.”

  • While the above might sound too spiritual, let’s get into a bit of reality called Yoga.
  • Yoga, as many think, is exercising to ensure a healthy body.
  • Yoga, truly is to create a unison between your mind, body, soul and the universe.
  • When you achieve this unison, you will do what you need to, not necessarily what you want to.
  • When that happens, all the above possibilities turn into reality.

Hope you find the God within.

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