3 Steps to Achieve Accelerated yet Sustained Business Growth

KINDUZ Global CEO, Mr. Pavan Kishore Kota Subramanya conducted a session at the Alexandria Business Association (ABA) on “How to achieve accelerated yet sustained business growth in 3 steps”. The session was arranged by KINDUZ’s strategic partner in Alexandria, Concept Consulting, headed by Dr. Marwan El Missery. The attendees were a mix of business men and board members.

The key focus for Pavan’s talk included insight on how to grow and sustain a business. The following are the 3 steps as shared by Pavan during the session:

Step1: Simplify
The importance of simplifying your brand as per KINDUZ Business Excellence Framework in one or more of the following areas:

  • Outcome Proposition
  • Market Excellence
  • PVMV (Purpose – Vision – Mission – Value)
  • Operating Model
  • Shareholder Returns

Step 2: Free up time

Leaders must dedicate at least 79% of their time towards strategic activities.

Step 3: Ask the right questions and questions right using the KINDUZ Strategic Thinking Framework

The talk also covered the KINDUZ story, including the outcomes that not only define KINDUZ as an organization, but also establish our purpose, vision and mission.

A brief introduction of the Alexandria Business Association (ABA):

Alexandria Business Association (ABA) is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization based in Alexandria, Egypt. The main aim of the ABA is economic development and improving the business climate through research, advocacy and raising the efficiency of human resources. ABA is also an active contributor to community development and manages one of the most successful micro-finance projects.

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