Vinay Babbar

Vinay BabbarPartner

Vinay is a seasoned coach, trainer and an entreprenueur with over 25 years of work experience. He is currently focussed on L&OD, trainings and performance coaching. His coaching has been widely recognised and recently have been awareeded as “Inspiring Life Coach of the year”. He has a flair for Training design and delivery-Behavioural/ Soft Skills/ Sales Trainings workshops, and his work has been acknowledged across all industries

Vinay has worked on the following Major Projects

  • Sales Training and Coaching
  • Behavioural and Soft Skills
  • Finance and Operations
  • Personal productivity
  • Neuroscience and Mindfulness
  • Project Management
  • Education Product Trainings
  • Process Interventions
  • Culture Sensitization
  • Parenting Trainings

Vinay is also associated with KINDUZ for multiple projects from SME’s to large Corporates and helping them in achieving their Vision, Mission and Values.

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