Kiran Gulrajani

Kiran GulrajaniPartner

Over 28 years of experience, Kiran’s most fulfilling experience has been to enable, develop and co-create with facilitators and business leaders. More recently, He is contributing to leaders in education and social entrepreneurs. Kiran is Chief Ecological Officer of CoEvolve. The idea of CoEvolve is to learn as you teach, to receive as you give and to serve as you lead. Synergistic Partnerships are at the heart of the work. Kiran likes to work with high leverage ‘nodes to enable collaboration.

Significance experience of Kiran:

  • Partner Trainer – At Barrett Values Centre, as a partner (trainer), Kiran certify professionals in Cultural Transformation Tools. It is a simple and yet profound framework based on 7 levels of consciousness which bridges the tangible and the intangible.
  • India Region CEO – of a global bio-fuel startup. His responsibilities included establishing the company in India and pulling together an organization to establish a revenue stream within three years and to build commitment for the nascent sector among all stakeholders, i.e. the bureaucracy, the government, employees and the public.
  • Vice President – At Pragati Learning, Kiran’s responsibility was conducting Leadership development programs in corporate organizations and also generating business.

Enabling connections amongst exceptional people and visions, bridging people with ideas and possibilities is unfolding an ecosystem of sorts. The approach is gentle and emergent. The vision is to co-manifest transformation in the spaces of business leadership, careers, education, health and community in a way that is sustainable and scalable.
Specialties: Developing Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence, Enabling Co-creative partnerships, Coaching CEOs, Inspiring leader-facilitators.

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