Ariane Gian Kiatibian

Ariane Gian Kiatibian

Ariane Gian Kiatibian
Ariane Gian KiatibianPartner

Ariane’s facilitation and counseling activities enable Corporate Executives and Teams to address their challenges in fruitful ways.

Ariane gathered her professional experience in the area of Public Relations, Project Management & Communication in corporate and non-profit environments (in) .

She has been involved in one of the most innovative and international Educational Projects, the TUMO Program.

Ariane is also a licensed Children and Adult Psychotherapist in Paris, France, and also works remotely via Zoom therapy sessions.

She recently graduated in Psychopathology and Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy and undertook trainings in Corporate Coaching. She previously studied Philosophy, Management and Public Affairs in France and Germany.

Ariane can work in English, French, German and Italian for her therapy and business activities.

She is passionate about Personal Growth, Psychopathology, Tech and Cinema.

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