Ariane Gian Kiatibian

Ariane Gian Kiatibian

Ariane Gian Kiatibian
Ariane Gian KiatibianPartner

Ariane is dedicated to accompanying talents and to making change happen. She works towards empowering students & managers, helping them fulfill their individual or team projects and dreams.

While being based in France, she is equally participating in projects across Europe, stretching from Paris to Yerevan in Armenia.

She is currently involved in one of the most innovative educational projects, the TUMO program (

Fascinated by the processes of creative transformation and of personal growth, Ariane likes to constantly explore new horizons, extending her awareness about practices and perspectives and also about rising mindsets likely to reshape lifestyles and lines of business in the near future.

She is eager to pave the way for better connections between individual and collective intelligence. Relying upon one-to-one coaching frameworks, her facilitation activities enable organizations to overcome their shortcomings. She believes that adding value and intelligence to business activities goes hand in hand with fostering dynamics of awakening.

Ariane is also trained in psychology and practices as a therapist. She regularly gets involved in cutting-edge projects, connecting the universes of corporate and non-profit organizations, mental healthcare, policy-making and education.

Ariane gathered her professional experience with her consulting and project management activities in the area of communication & facilitation as well as with teaching and training activities.

She studied Philosophy, Management and Public Affairs in France and Germany. She is fluent in English and French as well as German, Italian and Armenian.

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