Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Roll-out and Management

Fast track your Cloud Transformation journey
on Amazon Web Services with KINDUZ

What we focus on:

  • Migration Strategy, Planning and Execution
  • Data Storage
  • Security & Compliance
  • Application Deployment
  • Domain Management
  • Upgrade Management
  • Content Delivery
  • Technical support and Monitoring
  • Backup and Recovery Management

KINDUZ Proprietary Frameworks we leverage:

  • KINDUZ Automation Scripts
  • KINDUZ AI Algorithms

Organizations today are constantly changing and adopting strategies to deliver flexible, scalable, and cost-efficient IT services to the external and internal customers. Choosing an efficient cloud strategy is essential for every customer-centric business.

@ KINDUZ we understand the complexities in defining and executing the strategies for a cloud architecture. We help migrate your existing IT infrastructure into the cloud seamlessly and smoothly.

@ KINDUZ we leverage our structured and effective frameworks to help organizations in strategize, migrate and maintain their applications and IT assets at Amazon AWS cloud. We will be more than happy to hear from you. Reach out to us for a detailed discussion.

  • We hear our Customers say

    It looks like the entire web is hosting on AWS these days. How can I utilize AWS and other cloud providers for my business?

    For a non-technical geek, AWS / Cloud / Azure / Google Cloud and other terms can be a very confusing. It is common for people to hear and know their benefits, yet at the same time having no clue what to do with them effectively and efficiently. @ KINDUZ we specialize in simplifying the myriad of technicalities so you know how to make them work for your success. Feel free to reach out to us and ask us your questions.

  • We hear our Customers say

    How secure is AWS compared to other hosting or cloud platforms?

    @ KINDUZ we recommend that it is safe to assume that every system has known and unknown vulnerabilities. There is nothing called as a perfectly secure system. Hence it is better to be prepared, than be sorry later on. The goal is to reduce the probability of failure. You need to be GOD to eliminate failure. That said and done, AWS is known to be one of the safest website hosting platforms in todays digital world. But, from risk mitigation point of view, protecting your data is your responsibility. @ KINDUZ we work with you collaboratively, to minimize risks and improve your security to levels that match and/or better industry’s best.

  • We hear our Customers say

    What are the complexities involved in migration to AWS. Will it be worth the effort?

    Migration without a proper execution strategy is a major risk. @ KINDUZ have experts who design and deploy strategies that make the entire migration process seamless and smooth. At the same time we ensure data integrity and security. We’re there to make the process simple for you.

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