Role Family Outcome Delivery
Role Business Analyst
Role Overview If you dream of making a million dollars and more ethically, we have the right partnership model for you. The model provides a direct correlation between ROI to our customers, cash generated by you for the organization, and your take-home.

In the role of a Business Analyst, KINDUZ is looking for individuals who can work at Client Locations to support the customer towards delivering Outcomes. You will be involved right from selection of the program and projects to assisting the team in collecting data, drawing inferences, identifying the solutions and control mechanisms. You will be responsible for ensuring the programs and projects are successfully implemented and achieve the required ROI.

You will also support the KINDUZ Partners to deliver the workshops, capture the needed the data from the client, meet relevant stakeholders and ensure that the initiatives are moving forward in the right direction and at the right speed.

At the end, the success of Initiatives will be measured by the amount of ROI that the customer has received. KINDUZ defines ROI as:

  • Hard Benefits delivered via. improving
    • Cash Flows
    • Profitability
    • Sales growth
    • Market Valuation
  • Soft Benefits delivered via. improving
    • Health, Safety, Security, Environment
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Employee Satisfaction

The goal of this role will be to work with Fortune 500 companies and others and deliver enterprise wide initiatives for the customers.

Primary Responsibilities and Accountabilities
  • Engages with
    1. Sponsors (CEO, Head – HR Head, Chief Financial Officer),
    2. Program Champions, and
    3. Relevant stakeholders
    1. to guide, identify, manage and facilitate delivery of Strategic Priorities and Outcomes from the Lean Six Sigma initiative
  • Facilitate identification of key projects that
    1. Focus on goals, risks, issues, constraints, and opportunities of the customer
    2. deliver the highest ROI for the customer,
    3. deliver the most impact to the Strategic Priorities for the customer,
    4. and at the same time build a culture of Excellence
  • Ability to facilitate estimation of Return on Investment (ROI) and work with the customer finance team members to vet the ROI
  • Facilitates delivery of outcomes of Lean Six Sigma projects by coaching respective associates, with a special focus on Quick Wins
  • Engages with the Customer teams to facilitate the Initiatives. This will include, but not limited to,
    1. Identification and communication of program level and project level risks and issues along with the mitigation plan and contingency action plan respectively
    2. Building project coaching skills for Customer teams
    3. Facilitate collection of data, tracking and monitoring of program level and project level metrics
    4. Facilitate collection of data, tracking and monitoring of program level and project level metrics
  • Should have excellent coaching skills with ability to coach associates from across levels (EXCOM to Employees)
  • Facilitates publication of relevant communication towards delivery of outcomes from the Initiatives
Self Performance Tracking
  • Specific Lead Metrics and Lag Metrics will be defined for each role in discussion with the Leadership team, to ensure alignment of work with the Organization Goals
  • These need to be tracked by one-self and the status reported against each Lead and Lag Metric, in the monthly Self Development Report (SDR) that is created, reviewed, finalized and filed on a monthly basis
Tool Skills
  • Should have advanced skills of Statistical Skills tools such as:
    • Minitab
    • Statistica
  • Should have good working knowledge of Microsoft Office
    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft PowerPoint
Behavioral Skills
  • Excellent listening, verbal, training, written and visual communication in English
  • Engages and builds deep relationships with senior leaders and their N-1
  • Willingness and ability to dirty his/her hands, works with the officers and workers to make change happen on the ground, and leave a lasting positive cultural impact
  • Passionate about delivering strategic outcomes and building people through CPI
  • Situational Leadership and Strategic Thinking
  • Team Building, Coordination, Collaboration and Networking Skills
  • Relationship Management and Change Management
  • Enthusiastic attitude for getting into the details
  • Ability to take constructive and critical feedback
  • Changing oneself for the good
  • High energy levels, Optimism
  • Can work independently
Base Location of Work and Travel Requirements
  • Hyderabad, India
  • Open to travel 50-70% of the time within the country
  • Travel to other countries as required
Work Permit If he/she is not an Indian Citizen, then he/she should have a valid work permit to work in India.
  • Preferred
    • A Master’s degree in Business Management from an authorized institution of the country of certification
  • Mandatory
    • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification from an internationally recognized body.
Work Experience
  • Mandatory
    • 2+ years of driving cultural change and delivering outcomes through Six Sigma
    • Multi-cultural work experience and Cultural Awareness
  • Preferred
    • International Work/Education Experience
Reporting to
  • Direct reporting to KINDUZ Partner
  • Directly working with the Sponsors at Customer location
Additional notes None
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