The Art of Strategic Thinking 101

As teenagers, most of us have sneaked out of our house, late at night to catch up with friends. Some of us have done it more than others. The fact remains that all of us have tried to have our share of fun. We think we got away with our secrets, but another important fact is that our parents have always been aware of our adventures. It is just that they choose not to discuss these with us. How did they know about our escapades? Do they have any frameworks running in their mind to deduce certain things?

Like Parents, Leaders across the world are aware of the events happening in their organization. They plan their decisions and actions basis this awareness. If they think that the organization is taking a wrong turn, they take necessary steps to change the direction. One may ask, how do parents and leaders know what they know? Do they have a model in their minds that enables them to do things differently?

At KINDUZ, we evaluated behaviours of successful leaders and created a specific framework to enable others to think and act like leaders. We are proud to present the KINDUZ QADES Strategic Thinking Framework to you. We invite you to understand the framework and implement it in your life.

What does QADES stand for. Find the answers in the structure below:

  • Question: Many great leaders are where they are today because they were not afraid to ask questions. They questioned every logic, aspect, decision, fact and opinion. These questions helped them challenge the status quo and build enterprises that are unique and self-sustaining. The first step towards success is asking the right questions.
  • Analysis: In today’s world of infinite information, it is extremely challenging to draw timely and accurate inferences. Good leaders are capable of analysing information and data to derive strategic decisions.
  • Decision: Some individuals transform into leaders/role models based on decisions they make. Decision making is one of the most critical aspects, not only in life but also in the business world. Henry Ford came to be known as a leader because of his decision to reduce the workday and increase the wages of his workers. This led to a decrease in the annual labour turnover from 370% to 16% and increase in the productivity from 40% to 70% within a year
  • Execution: An idea will remain an idea, till properly executed. Leaders don’t just dream, they do not rest until they turn the dream into a reality.
  • Sell, Share: Execution alone, is not enough.
    “Anyone can be a leader, but only a few can sell”. Pavan Kishore Kota Subramanya, Global CEO, KINDUZ
    Leaders have to be effective in sales to ensure that they can sell their idea to the employees, shareholders, consumers and other stakeholders.

These seemingly unrelated factors come together under the QADES framework. It is by interlinking these factors, that we can achieve the art of structured thinking. KINDUZ QADES Framework helps you understand these factors independently and the connection between these factors. This framework not only promotes structured thinking, but it also stops us from taking emotional and subjective decisions.

We as an organization have delivered a collective ROI of US$ 620+ million, over the years, using the QADES Strategic Thinking Framework and many more of our proprietary frameworks. It is through these frameworks that we define KINDUZ as an outcomes company. We invite you to learn the framework through a short eLearning module. This module comes directly from the KINDUZ Global CEO, Mr. Pavan Kota. Register for the Module here.

The first 50 people to register for the QADES Strategic Thinking Framework eLearning module, will receive a discount of 50%.

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