Motivation – Inch by Inch, Play by Play!

In the movie, ‘Any Given Sunday’ when the home team is down in the first half, Al Pacino delivers a stellar speech that is inspiring on so many levels. He talks about teamwork, co-ordination and what are the key factors that build a team. He motivates the team to go out on the field and give their best or die trying. Similarly, in the movie ‘Rocky Balboa’ when Sylvester Stallone talks to his son about winning in life, we connect to his speech at the same level. What do movies like Rocky Balboa and Any Given Sunday have in common? The answer is simple. They contain some of the most memorable motivational speeches ever. When the protagonist feels low there comes this amazing speech that inspires not only him but every member of the audience.

Motivation is one of the keys to success. It helps people realize their potential and ignites a fire that makes them overcome the defined boundaries. In this article, I am sharing my thoughts on how KINDUZ motivates me to achieve my goal.

What KINDUZ means to me

To me KINDUZ is a place of constant learning while working amongst professionals who have created magic in the field of consulting through the skills and knowledge they possess. The first day at any organization or at any new place can be very intimidating. For me, first day at KINDUZ was the same. A constant thought about the work and the people I will work with nagged me at the start of the day. When I walked into the office for the first time, I thought I would be given a task which would need to be finished by the end of the day, all by myself. After the task was assigned to me, I was quite intimidated to ask for help as everyone was pre-occupied with their work. But to my surprise, throughout the day (and even till now) there has been a team of passionate go-getters who continue to help me in any and every possible way. They have guided me on how to do a proper research, improve my presentation skills and communicate with stakeholders.

The levels of enthusiasm never drop at the organization. The enthusiasm they possess is contagious and can easily spread to the new people around. People constantly engage themselves in their work to identify new ways to counter obstacles and help organizations create universal prosperity. KINDUZ helped me in connecting theoretical and abstract concepts to real-world scenario. At KINDUZ, we talk about Universal Prosperity, not only for a single entity but for a complete planet filled with people and organizations working towards their aspirations and goals. While focussed on Organization Purpose and Vision, KINDUZ enabled me to streamline my thought process on:

  • What is my goal in life?
  • What do I need to do to accomplish my goals?

Motivation is the driving factor for any organization. At KINDUZ there is no shortage of it. It’s like being a part of a Rocky Balboa movie where you are inspired to achieve greatness by working hard and putting your best foot forward, all the time. You learn not only to punch hard, but more importantly to take a punch, fall and stand up again to continue the fight. When you see such motivated people working towards a common goal you feel the need, the need to learn, the need to gain knowledge, the need to equip yourself with proper artillery required to be a part of this team.

The best part is in this journey towards excellence is the fact that you are never alone. “Help is always at hand. All you need to do is ask for it”. This was the first advice I received in the organization. The team is always around to motivate you, help you stand on your feet and keep you there. The team allows you to fail and enables you to pick yourself up, thereafter. This positive environment feeds your dreams and makes you realize your true potential. It also helps you discover the unique talent you always possessed to achieve your dream. We have regular, open discussions within teams. These discussions provide clarity of where we are and what we need to do to move closer towards the goal. As our Global CEO says “We are a bunch of cool guys having a cool discussion”. Constant bouncing of ideas, gives direction towards achieving your goal and keeps you hungry for more. It’s this hunger that fuels the fire within you and pushes you towards greater goals.

In summary, within a short time that I have been at KINDUZ, I feel motivated to achieve my personal vision. I clearly see how my personal vision aligns to the vision of the Organization. This motivation makes me want to innovate and drive change. At KINDUZ, none of us are satisfied with the A-Z. We are always looking for ways to go beyond the Z. We seek to accomplish wonders and we believe that we can do that as a team, together.

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