Identifying Initiatives that deliver Outcomes for Pharma Company in Egypt

Every organization and individual in this world have a purpose for their existence. We define this purpose based on various experiences we go through in our life. For the achieving the purpose, we define specific set of outcomes and for achieving these outcomes, we identify and drive a certain set of initiatives. Without identifying the desired outcomes and the initiatives, no organization or individual can dream of achieving its purpose.
Outline of Purpose, Outcomes, Initiatives
KINDUZ enables organizations and individuals to identify their:

  • Desired outcomes
  • Specific initiatives that must be driven to achieve the outcomes

At a recent workshop at a large Pharmaceutical Company in Alexandria, Egypt, facilitated by our Global CEO, Mr. Pavan Kishore Kota Subramanya the top management came together to identify their desired outcomes and supporting initiatives.

Some of the key messages as shared by Mr. Pavan during the workshop include:

  1. Importance of Quick Wins – It is important to use a structured methodology to balance long term outcomes with quick wins. Quick wins go a long way to build team confidence and morale towards driving any initiative. They also help to offset part of the cost incurred in driving the initiative forward
  2. Organization Outcomes are a function of Team Effort – Leaders should drive initiatives through teams not through individuals. It is also important to communicate often between departments to understand their perception of an issue. Collaboration, communication and co-ordination increase the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the organization
  3. Focus on SWOT at process Level – Understand and apply SWOT (Strength-Weakness-Opportunities-Threats) analysis at the process level to improve each individual process
  4. Build your VRIO – Understand and implement VRIO (Value-Rarity-Imitability-Organization) for your organization to maintain the competitive edge of the organization
  5. Improvement is a continuous process – Improvements cannot be achieved overnight. To establish Continuous Improvement in the culture of the organization, leadership must establish a step by step process. This process should address all core processes of the organization and should be driven by example by the leadership team itself

About KINDUZ Champion Workshop

A Champion workshop is held for CEOs and their N-1s to help them identify initiatives that will deliver the outcomes that the Organization desires. This workshop uses scientific tools which aides thought process for leaders to help them define the concrete, measurable initiatives. It is called “Champion Workshop” because KINDUZ believes that change must be championed within the organization by the CEO and his direct reportees.

If you need assistance in identifying your purpose and/or your set of desired outcomes/initiatives, KINDUZ is here to help. Write to us at to know more about KINDUZ Champions workshop.

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