CEO secrets: How to make a small business big

“Greatness through small beginnings” is a phrase that we come across frequently. This phrase can also be used to define the role of a CEO. How do CEOs think? Do they do different things, or do they do things differently? How do they decide when to start an organization? Does it happen overnight or do they plan meticulously for years before they take the plunge?

These were some of the questions that were asked during the panel discussion at TECHNE Summit, Alexandria Egypt. KINDUZ Global CEO Mr. Pavan Kishore Kota Subramanya was a part of the panel which also included Ms. Amira Azzouz, CEO- and Mr. Waleed Rashed, CEO, VOO. The panel was facilitated by Ms. Lais de Olivira. The audience comprised of young and budding entrepreneurs from multiple middle eastern countries.

The panel members discussed what it takes to make a small business big including how to employ and encourage the right talent in an organization.

The key takeaways for the audience were:

  • Always have a defined vision and mission for your organization. The steps to achieve the vision will automatically fall in place once we strongly believe in the vision and mission.
  • Always maintain in depth knowledge and expertise related to your product/service offering. This is the only reason customers come back to you.
  • Maintain thorough awareness of your competitors and what are they doing differently than you. Your competitor’s weaknesses can be your biggest opportunities.
  • Spend time and energy in knowing your customer. Offer the customers what they need but always know your own constraints at the time. Never over commit and under deliver to a customer.
  • Hire the right people. Look for individuals who have the passion to create difference in this world and are aligned to your organization vision and purpose. As an organization, always try to align the organization goals to the individual’s goals and dreams. Motivate the team and they will help in executing the organizations goals and objectives.

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About the Event:
KINDUZ Global CEO Mr. Pavan Kishore Kota Subramanya was invited as a Speaker at the TECHNE Summit on 1st October 2017 in Alexandria, Egypt. The Summit which carries the slogan TECHNOLOGY – INNOVATION – TALENT acts as a platform for international global players to share experiences, wisdom, observations, predictions and opportunities.

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