Mazen Labban

Mazen Labban

Mazen Labban
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Life is a Journey. It is walk in a foggy environment, full of dazzling discoveries, moments of illumination, falling and standing up, learning from the experience, and at times, stopping to smell the flowers.

The fun is not in reaching the end. Fun is going through the path, putting the right amount of energy, discovering your direction and taking the team accompanying you to reach the destination safely. The final kick is when the crowd roars, the MAGIC is when you look behind and feel the joy in your team.

There, you know me now. Fond of engaging (motivating) the team (the organization) by moving on (aligned and well-rounded objectives) and reach the destination (the organizational objectives).

As with any race, in an organization I am good at ensuring that we have the Right team (Data driven recruitment) Exhausting-but-inspiring practice sessions (organizational development and learning), and Right personal motivation (personal and organizational objectives)

Though a simple calculation says that I have 25 years of experience in Human Resources, and 40+ years of passion for people, I feel that every day has a new perspective added.

Specialties: Get best out of the human being which hides inside an employee, Achieve organizational priorities through its people (not employees), and ability to engage with team mates to celebrate success and “smell the flowers”

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